Beauregard Small Area Plan

In spring 2012, the City of Alexandria approved the Beauregard Small Area Plan (BSAP). This document is intended to guide the redevelopment of the City’s West End over the next 30 years – a blueprint to help accommodate the City’s projected growth.  To hear what others have said about the plan. Click HERE.

Highlights of this plan include:

  • Unprecedented funding of $120 million towards affordable housing, which the City projects will buy 800 committed affordable housing units, including the dedication of 100 existing units to the City. Without the Plan, there is no guarantee that units in the Plan area will remain affordable as rents will continue to rise to reflect market forces.
  • Dedication of land and funding for construction of a new fire station at the intersection of N. Beauregard Street and Sanger Avenue.
  • Dedication of right-of-way and funding to construct the Council-approved High Capacity Transit Corridor C running in dedicated transit lanes through the Plan Area.
  • Dedication of right-of-way and funding for construction of intersection improvements at N. Beauregard Street and Seminary Road as well as other intersection improvements in the vicinity.
  • Provision of funding for construction of a new synthetic turf athletic field with lights at the intersection of N. Beauregard Street and Sanger Avenue, adjacent to Ramsey Elementary School.
  • Provision of funding for enhanced landscaping and increased tree canopy along N. Beauregard Street and throughout the Plan area.
  • Creation of a new mixed-use village center with approximately 200,000 square feet of retail, multi-family residential, offices and a hotel. Concepts for the village center and many of the other future features were drawn up by national experts like Andres Duany and Victor Dover and their architecture and urban planning practices, which have earned an international reputation creating over 300 attractive, mixed-use projects. Click HERE for more details.
  • Construction of a new modern grocery store in the first phase of the Village Center and a potential second grocer near the intersection of N. Beauregard Street and Seminary Road.
  • Creation of approximately 44.5 acres of new public open space with additional private open space provided with each redevelopment proposal.
  • Provision of an interconnected system of new walking and biking trails as well as a new enhanced street grid that will provide connectivity within and among the new neighborhoods.

The Plan would also provide for:

  • Sustainable design features in new construction, consistent with the City's Green Building Policy.
  • Construction of local sanitary and storm sewer improvements and undergrounding of overhead utilities.
  • Payment of Sanitary Sewer Tap Fees to fund City sanitary sewer infrastructure improvements.