Future Plans

What are the plans to redevelop Mark Center?
There is a 30-year master plan that lays out the vision for the area, called the Beauregard Small Area Plan.  It envisions a walkable community with seven neighborhoods containing a mix of uses, open spaces, diverse housing options, and integrated transit. As each block gets closer to becoming developed, a more detailed plan will be generated. It will be subject to Alexandria’s public review process. Click HERE to review the plan. 

The JBG Companies is currently exploring implementation of the first phase of the City’s plan, which represents a small portion of the overall redevelopment to occur over the next 30 years

When will redevelopment occur?
The Beauregard Plan calls for a series of phased changes over a 30-year period. No redevelopment will occur before mid-2018. Phase I concept plans were submitted to the City of Alexandria on June 13, 2014.

What is the timing of the first phase?
Phase I will be broken into sub-phases so redevelopment will not occur all at once. As these phases are determined, we will let residents know.  

What units will be impacted in the first phase of redevelopment?
The buildings most likely affected in the first phase are the Hillwood and Stoneridge buildings closest to Beauregard. Not all of those units will be affected immediately, as the first phase will occur gradually over a number of years.

Impact on Current Residents

Will anyone be forced to move?
No. JBG will work with every affected resident to find them a new apartment within Mark Center and pay an allowance for moving expenses. Also, a resident relocation coordinator will work with every affected resident as needed.  

How much notice will there be to existing residents?
Before redevelopment occurs on any building, affected residents will be given at least a nine-month written notice from The JBG Companies and a written, Virginia Code-mandated notification 120 days in advance of demolition.

Will there be other apartments to choose from in Mark Center?
Yes.  Redevelopment will occur gradually over 30 years.  So many residents will be able to continue to live in their existing homes for many years to come. The numbers demonstrate there is plenty of room to accommodate existing tenants who want to remain part of the community, with an average annual turnover rate of 40% (1000 apartments) and vacancy rate of 5% (130 apartments).

What will be the impact on rents?
Rents at Mark Center are determined based on market conditions and are comparable to rents at similar apartments in the area.

Affordable Housing

Are any of the apartments at JBG properties part of an affordable housing program?
Of the 2,661 apartments owned by The JBG Companies, currently none are guaranteed or committed to any type of affordable housing program. However, as part of the City-approved Beauregard Small Area Plan, more than $120 million is dedicated to affordable housing in the area. The City of Alexandria, with resident and community input, has decided to use this money to provide dedicated affordable units for a range of income levels. The City’s current calculations project 800 units phased in over the 30-year plan. In addition to the monetary contribution, JBG is donating 100 apartments located in four buildings.

Will JBG maintain any existing Mark Center apartments as affordable?
Yes. JBG will donate 100 apartments located in four buildings, for individuals and families that meet the City’s specific income guidelines.


Will there be money to create a more vibrant, walkable community?
The BSAP provides more than $60 million of funding to pay for significant transportation improvements that include a new greenway and trail system that connects each neighborhood and the new Village Center.

Will the local transportation network be improved?
Yes, today the area is auto-dependent with many surface parking lots. The future plan funds a new Bus Rapid Transitway, wider sidewalks and improvements to the street network to make it a more walkable, pedestrian-friendly environment.

Will the free bus shuttle continue?
There are no plans to change this free service. In the future, the shuttle may give way to a modern bus rapid transit system (BRT) as part of the redevelopment.

Will there be any transportation or road improvements as part of Phase I?
Yes, Phase 1 will include new street and pedestrian connections throughout the Village Center and the City will be coordinating the addition of a new Bus Rapid Transit system during the same approximate timeframe.


How can the residents stay informed during the process?
This website will be updated periodically with information to keep neighbors, the community, government officials and the media apprised of changes and progress. Click HERE to sign up.

Are there other ways to get information?
Yes. JBG will mail residents information regularly, post information in public spaces, and speak with residents at community events.