Future Plans

A Long-Range Plan

JBG’s long-term goal is to redevelop and renovate portions of the community in order to support future growth in Alexandria and to add a significant number of walkable amenities including shops, grocery, restaurants and more. All redevelopment will be consistent with the City’s approved Beauregard Small Area Plan. The plan enables connections between people and their jobs, the urban and natural environment and the rest of Alexandria’s neighborhoods. Click HERE for JBG's Long-Range Plans handout.

JBG is currently exploring implementation of the first phase of the City’s plan, which represents a small portion of the overall redevelopment to occur over the next 30 years. No redevelopment will occur before mid-2018.

Residents affected by the redevelopment will have the opportunity to move to another apartment within Mark Center and will be offered a relocation allowance. For more information on the relocation plan, please click HERE.

New Town Center

The Plan calls for a new Town Center, tripling the number of shopping and dining options that exists today. The new Town Center will bring goods and services closer to community residents and employees, while reducing travel to shop elsewhere. A new grocery store would likely be included in the future Town Center. Click HERE for more details.

Long Term Benefits

The chart below identifies the benefits of redevelopment against maintaining the status quo. The plan enables connections between people and their jobs, the urban and natural environment and the rest of Alexandria’s neighborhoods. Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of the long-term plan.


Guiding Principles

The JBG Companies will redevelop its properties following the guiding principles outlined in the City’s Beauregard Small Area Plan (BSAP). These principles include:

  • Transportation – Creates a vibrant, walkable community, with easy connections and transportation options. Click HERE for more details.
  • Amenities – Restores a sense of community by providing places to gather — such as a new neighborhood town center, as well as community-serving grocery stores, shops, restaurants, and adequate parks. Click HERE for more details.
  • Housing – Offers a diversity of housing options including dedicated affordable and  workforce housing through unprecedented monetary contributions by developers. The new housing stock will complement and support the office and retail uses by providing nearby living options for employees. Click Here for more details.
  • Economic Development – Increases the City’s tax base by attracting new retailers and commercial tenants to the area, which helps fund the required infrastructure improvements. It also adds jobs within the community, both during construction and in the businesses that follow.  Click HERE for more details.