Community Support

Katharine Dixon, Executive Director
Rebuilding Together Alexandria

“…I wanted to provide my support of the most recently revised Beauregard Corridor Small Area Plan which includes 800 affordable units, of which 100 units will be dedicated to the City. The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, on which I sit, also approved the plan at its April meeting. I understand that if we do nothing, i.e., not pass this revised Plan, we get nothing, in terms of dedicated affordable housing units, since the developers are not obligated to provide any. Without the Plan, there is no guarantee that any units in the Beauregard Corridor area will remain affordable as rents could continue to rise to reflect what the market will bear. I trust the right decision for the City will be made and this Plan will be passed.”

Stewart Schwartz
Coalition for Smarter Growth

“The plan has benefitted from very extensive community involvement and input, particularly regarding the need to preserve and add affordable housing. We commend the community, and our affordable housing partners in particular, for helping to shape this plan and increase the number of committed affordable units. The plan has also benefited from the developer's early inclusion of the nation's top new urbanist architecture, town planning and transportation experts…”

Michael J. O'Rourke
Co-Chair, Alexandria Homeless Services Coordinating Committee
(Executive Director, the Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless)

“…Given the alarming percentage of affordable housing stock that has been lost in the last decade, and the growing needs that exist in our community, we applaud the housing provisions of this plan, and hope that all city decision makers will engage more pro-actively in adopting measures that provide housing opportunities for households of all incomes in Alexandria.”