The City’s plan envisions a series of neighborhoods designed to accommodate households at a range of incomes, ages, types, and sizes to accommodate individuals and families:

  • Rental & Home ownership opportunities
  • Multifamily apartments with a mix of apartment sizes (efficiencies to 3 bedrooms)
  • Townhomes
  • Affordable, workforce, senior, and market rate housing

Beauregard Small Area Plan (BSAP) & the affordable housing solution for Alexandria

The population of the Washington DC area is growing at an astounding rate and the cost of housing is rising all over the region including in Alexandria.  That’s why, when the City, citizens and property owners all worked together to create a vision for development for the Beauregard Small Area Plan (BSAP) area over the next 30 years, affordable housing was identified as a top priority of the plan. 

  • 57% of the community benefits go to protecting affordable housing options for families in Alexandria.  That’s $120 million. 
  • This is one of the largest contributions ever to affordable housing in the City’s history and in the region.
  • A significant portion will be funded by the five property owners in cash contributions.  Additionally, JBG will donate 100 apartments.
  • The City will be responsible for utilizing these contributions to implement the affordable housing goals identified in the Beauregard Small Area Plan.

Creating affordable housing in Alexandria

  • Of the existing 5,500 market-rate affordable apartments in the BSAP, NONE are dedicated to affordable housing.  As more and more people move to the region, housing costs will continue to rise if nothing is done.
  • The City’s plan CREATES affordable housing by providing unprecedented funding towards dedicated apartments serving families with incomes up to 40-75% of Area Median Income.

Click HERE for  An Affordable Housing Solution for Alexandria Through the Beauregard Small Area Plan handout.